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The ketogenic diet is based on a strong restriction of carbohydrates and proteins, increasing the supply of fats. Depending on the choice of diet, you can individually select the number of macronutrients consumed daily. We can choose from SKD, TKD, CKD, HPKD (for more on this topic, see our post at: Keto basics – what is keto diet?). The ketogenic diet is healthy and tasty. Due to its health benefits, it is recommended not only for people losing weight, but also for many serious diseases. It is worth noting that this is one of the most researched diets in the world, with a very solid research and scientific foundation.

Why go on a ketogenic diet and are there any contraindications to it?

Ketogenic diet – for whom?

Diet is more than just weight loss, it is a way of eating, which everyone chooses individually, guided by their preferences and concern for their health. Many years ago, scientists proved that a drastic reduction in the daily amount of carbohydrates consumed causes the body to enter a state of ketosis. This means that the body does not derive energy from sugars (glucose), but uses the accumulated fat in the tissues. Of course, the ketogenic diet has specific rules and clearly defined products allowed and prohibited. If there are no health contraindications to the ketogenic diet, you can implement it by following the guidelines. Following the rules is extremely important, because too many carbohydrates in the diet can precipitate a state of ketosis or not allow us to achieve it. Supplementation with products such as MCT oils or exogenous ketones is a great support in the diet and in achieving the dreamed body shape. And also taking care of proper hydration (electrolyte balance) with electrolyte support.

It is a diet chosen for many reasons, and although the most common is the desire to lose weight – people with more weight achieve spectacular results, weight loss is actually a side effect of cleansing the body. As you lose more pounds, your energy level increases and with it your well-being, which translates to other areas of your life. The ketogenic diet also helps to regulate cholesterol levels and blood pressure, which has a positive effect on both body condition and mental well-being. Lack of excessive amounts of carbohydrates in the diet also helps to prevent acne (one of the factors that cause acne is sugar) and to take care of hormonal balance. This is extremely important, especially for women.

Sugar-free diet a contraindication for sweet snackers?

Although ketogenic (or keto) diet is based on a strong restriction of carbohydrates, it does not exclude the presence of desserts in the daily menu. Of course, these are not the standard associated sweets, such as store-bought bars or cakes, but there are plenty of recipes for homemade dishes that are sure to fill the need for sweets. Due to the fact that the dishes are based on fats (this is the case even with sweets), the body feels satiated and the feeling of hunger does not appear much longer than with sweetened desserts. Pancakes, cakes, chocolates, creams, waffles – these are all items acceptable on keto. All it takes is a little dedication in the kitchen and you can create individualized dishes using only the list of ingredients acceptable on this diet. A list of healthy sugar substitutes and keeping an eye on for new recipes will also come in handy. It is important to keep track of your daily macronutrient requirements. However, not everyone has the time or inclination to bake. In our store there is no shortage of sweet and healthy snacks (bars, chocolates, nut creams), which will make eating sweets not only enjoyable, but also in accordance with the principles of the ketogenic diet. Our keto sweets contain minimal carbohydrates and just the right amount of fats.

Ketogenic diet contraindications

If the ketogenic diet is varied and consists of essential vitamins, minerals and fiber for the body, it can be not only healthy, but also tasty. Unfortunately, there is a group of people for whom the ketogenic diet is not recommended.

Contraindications to the ketogenic diet include:

  • liver problems,
  • pancreatic problems,
  • kidney problems,
  • improper diet.

The liver, pancreas and kidneys are the organs involved in the metabolism of ketone bodies, so their correct functioning is essential for the inclusion of a ketogenic diet. The state of ketosis is the primary goal of the diet, and without the proper functioning of these organs, achieving it, can be a problem, although this does not mean that achieving a state of ketosis will not help us get rid of these problems.

The ketogenic diet is restrictive due to the limited amount of foods allowed to be eaten. Many people who change their eating habits do not find themselves preparing new meals, and as a result their diet may be nutritionally deficient. This can lead to a variety of unpleasant health consequences which is why it is so important to eat vegetables and get the right amount of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. That’s why we promote #CleanKeto, which includes lots of healthy, unprocessed foods (green salads, broccoli, kale, etc.). #CleanKeto is also about movement and physical activity, which will positively affect your body and keep you fit, feel good and get you to a higher level of health.


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