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Keto Strip Tests

Are you starting your adventure with the ketogenic diet? You probably already know that putting your body into a state of ketosis and keeping it there requires careful planning of the proportions of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in your meals. But how to check if your calculations are correct? For this purpose, it is best to use ketone strips.


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Strip tests or ketone strips

What do keto strip tests detect?

You can use the tests to assess the level of ketone bodies in urine (ketonuria) or in blood (ketonemia). The ketone body found in urine is mainly acetylacetic acid (acetoacetate), while in blood you will detect 3 - hydroxybutyric acid, also called ß - hydroxybutyrate.

How do ketosis strips work?

The tests take the form of narrow strips containing a special reaction field on one side. The general principle of operation of this type of product is simple - ketone strips detect the amount of ketone bodies in urine. When immersed in a container of urine, the reaction field is colored to correspond to the concentration of ketones in the urine. There is a legend on the test package so that you can immediately read the measurement result. The test for ketone levels in the blood follows a similar principle. In addition to the strip tests, you will need a blood glucose meter. You prick your finger with the pricker attached to the meter, then place a drop of blood on the reaction field and read the result. It is a good idea to measure at the same time every day to get the most reliable results. In the early stages, urine ketone strip tests will be sufficient.

Why use ketone body strips?

The use of strip tests is fast and comfortable for the user. The advantages of the ketosis strips also include an inexpensive price and the possibility of immediate repetition of the measurement in case of any doubts. Thanks to the strips you can make sure that your body makes maximum use of the energy coming from ketone bodies, and in case of unfavourable results you can modify the proportions of macronutrients in your meals accordingly.

Differences between urine and blood measurements

Wondering which type of ketosis strips will be right for you? It should be noted that both methods of measurement are sensitive and provide reliable results. Measurement from urine is painless and does not require a glucometer. Measurement from blood is considered more accurate and also shows ketone levels in real time, while measurement from urine informs us about the condition of the body 2-4 hours before the test. Whichever method you choose, it is best if you take your measurements with strip tests regularly, 1 or 2 times a day, at the same time, This way you will get the most reliable results.

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