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MCT Oils (Liquid)

High quality MCT C8 + C10 oils. These are unique and carefully formulated blends of MCT medium chain fats, which are designed to effectively support ketone production processes in the human body. A significant advantage of these oils is their high quality, carefully developed composition and effective action.


BeKeto™ products are created by keto and low carbohydrate diet practitioners and experts. You have our guarantee that every product fits perfectly into your low-carbohydrate lifestyle.


We always choose only the best product ingredients. When it comes to quality, we follow the principle of "zero compromise". If BeKeto product is on the market, it means that it passed very strict quality tests.


Our goal is to support our community of Beketonians around the world in achieving goals related to a healthy body and mind. We accompany you in achieving your daily goals. We are here for you. 100%.

Our company specializes in manufacturing and supplying high quality products for people on ketogenic and low carbohydrate diets. In our offer you can find high quality products, such as MCT C8 oils. These specifics are essential elements of any ketogenic and low carbohydrate focused diet. It is a pure oil that does not have any taste and is able to produce a very high amount of ketones in the human body. These oils are recommended products because of their uniqueness, high quality and effective effects.

Carefully selected composition for effective action

The MCT C8 oils we produce contain caprylic acid (C8). This is a very important ingredient, which gives the body energy just a few minutes after taking a dose of oil. It is one of the most important components of MCTs, characterized by high bioavailability and short carbon chains. When developing the formula, the emphasis was on providing the body with as much energy as possible from fat, which is much more stable and long-lasting compared to energy derived from glucose.

Key benefits of MCT C8 oils

Oils, which can be found in our offer, have a very beneficial effect on the overall condition of the body. They provide energy from fats, which, unlike energy obtained from carbohydrates, does not increase blood sugar levels or cause harmful insulin spikes. In addition, when developing the composition of our products, we made sure that they support fat burning. Opinions of many users are unequivocal - these oils effectively help in the process of slimming and building a slim figure. Additionally, caprylic acid contained in the oils has a positive effect on digestion, memory and concentration. In addition, it increases the efficiency of exercise and training and reduces appetite, which makes it easier to limit snacking between meals.

When and how should I use MCT C8 oil?

The mentioned oil gets positive reviews and feedback from many satisfied users. It is best taken in the morning in order to provide the body with a dose of energy. Apart from that, the oil can be consumed additionally during the day to support fat burning and to enhance performance during workouts. The oil can be added to coffee, tea, and other warmer beverages or to pre-workout and post-workout mixes. It can also be used as an ingredient in smoothies, desserts, and various meals prepared according to the principles of the ketogenic diet. Due to its benefits and wide application, this oil is highly recommended.

What should you know about C8 + C10 MCT oil?

First of all, user reviews of these oils confirm that they are high quality formulations. These fats go directly to the liver. Therefore, the effect of their action in the form of an energy boost is noticeable just a few minutes after consumption. The oils are not deposited in adipose tissue, but are converted in the liver to ketones, which are a source of energy positively treated by the body, because the energy obtained in this way is long-lasting, which is better than that obtained from carbohydrates.

Proper use of MCT C8 + C10 oils

The MCT C8 + C10 oil offered by us can be consumed in the morning for extra energy. Apart from this, this product is also suitable for consumption during the day to accelerate the rate of fat burning or muscle recovery after training. This product is suitable as an addition to coffee, tea, preparations taken before workouts or after workouts. It can also be added to shakes, smoothies and low-carbohydrate desserts. It goes well with salads and other meals characteristic of the ketogenic diet. Our company has extensive experience in the production of such oils, so the customer receives a product that meets all relevant and stringent requirements for quality and performance.

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