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Keto Snacks

Think a ketogenic diet means no more sweets? Not with BeKeto™! We’ve created healthy, sugar-free, natural, and most importantly delicious replacements for your favorite sweets. Enjoy BeKeto chocolates, but be careful – they are addictive! You’ll also find great creams, cookies.


BeKeto™ products are created by keto and low carbohydrate diet practitioners and experts. You have our guarantee that every product fits perfectly into your low-carbohydrate lifestyle.


We always choose only the best product ingredients. When it comes to quality, we follow the principle of "zero compromise". If BeKeto product is on the market, it means that it passed very strict quality tests.


Our goal is to support our community of Beketonians around the world in achieving goals related to a healthy body and mind. We accompany you in achieving your daily goals. We are here for you. 100%.

Keto snacks without added sugar

Think the ketogenic diet means a definite break with sweets? Not with BeKeto! We've created healthy, sugar-free, natural and above all delicious replacements for your favourite sweets especially for you. Try the perfect keto snacks and see for yourself that they are second to none. Enjoy BeKeto chocolates, bars, cookies and creams, but beware - they're addictive!

Keto snacks on a low-carbohydrate diet

Are you on a ketogenic diet and miss carbs? Do you like to grab a bite on the go and thoughts of sweets are increasingly running through your head? Reach for keto snacks - they'll enable you to snack healthily without breaking your diet rules. You don't have to give up snacks on a keto or low-carb diet. If you want to introduce them into your diet, use those without added sugar.

Keto snacks are characterised by their minimal carbohydrate content. We use only healthy sugar substitutes for these snacks, primarily erythritol and secondarily stevia. In the BeKeto range you will find keto bars, nut creams, chocolates, jellies and cookies just in time for a snack between meals, after a workout or before a workout if you want to boost your energy. Snacks that are low in carbohydrates but high in protein are a great substitute for cream cheese, country cheese, cabanas or other protein-providing foods. Keto snacks are a source of healthy fats, fibre, vitamins and minerals with minimal carbohydrates.

Keto snacks rich in healthy fats

Fat is the most important macronutrient on the keto diet, and an adequate supply of it conditions the transition into ketosis, teaching the body to use ketone bodies and maintaining this state. Modern production technologies and carefully selected recipes have allowed us to achieve a balance of snack compositions suitable for those wishing to maintain a healthy diet. We have adapted the type and quality of fats contained in BeKeto snacks to the requirements of a ketogenic diet - all our snacks contain liquid MCT oil or MCT oil powder.

MCT oil is an instant source of energy. This oil goes from the digestive tract directly into the bloodstream and very quickly fuels you with a healthy portion of vitality, so you don't think about reaching for carbohydrates. MCT oil has an exceptionally ketogenic effect - it stimulates the production of ketone bodies, provides a feeling of satiety, reduces cravings and facilitates the process of weight loss. Keto sweets with MCT oil will provide you with high-quality satiating fats. Tasty sweets without added sugar can occasionally replace avocados or nuts in your diet.

Stomach - and pocket-friendly snacks

One of the myths surrounding healthy eating is the belief that it is expensive. BeKeto's offer proves that the price for keto snacks doesn't have to be exorbitant at all. At BeKeto, price always goes hand in hand with quality - we provide the best products at prices that are affordable for every budget. Keto snacks are nutritionally valuable and introducing them into your menu does not increase the cost of your diet at all. With a well-balanced snack rich in fat and protein, you satisfy your hunger and don't spend unnecessary money on cravings or sugary snacks.

Keto snacking and weight loss

If your diet includes healthy snacks such as keto bars and chocolates, you don't feel like snacking on sweets such as cakes, sugar bars or snacks like crisps and sticks. You can enjoy the unique taste and variety of your diet without worrying about exceeding your carbohydrate levels.

Despite appearances, BeKeto snacks can help you lose weight. How is this possible? Low-carbohydrate snacks satisfy the mental craving for dessert and give you the feeling that you don't have to deny yourself anything, and this makes it much easier to maintain your diet. Nutrition experts agree that extremely restrictive diets only work in the long term in a few cases.

By switching to a low-carb or keto diet you are changing your eating habits quite significantly anyway, but giving up your favourite foods forever has a positive effect on the long-term results. This way of eating can cause a sense of loss of some benefits and a longing for old habits, and from this it is only a step to abandoning new habits.

While it's understandable that it's best to eliminate store-bought sweets containing sugar or xylitol (most keto chocolates have it) from your diet, this doesn't at all mean you have to absolutely give up a hint of sweet taste. Erythrol-sweetened chocolate will be just as good a snack, but also a valuable addition to ice cream, oatmeal, a smoothie or keto cheesecake. A bar with a high nut content, on the other hand, will provide you with a portion of sweetness and healthy fat, while not kicking you out of ketosis.

You can eat sweets during weight loss too. Keto sweets are even advisable from time to time so that you don't keep yourself too restricted. Restricting calories is completely sufficient for reducing weight, but you don't have to restrict your desire for something sweet.

Delicious keto snacks - choose your taste

Snacks from the BeKeto shop have exceptional taste in addition to their health values. With these products, you don't have to choose between your taste preferences and your health - you can have both. A keto snack is tasty and supports your health goals. We very often hear feedback that BeKeto chocolate is "the best chocolate I've ever had!". We totally agree - the unique tangerine, pecan, raspberry, almond, coconut or green apple flavoured snacks really do delight with their flavours. BeKeto snacks prove that replacements for standard snacks can be truly delicious, and the feeling that you're giving up anything is irretrievably gone. Keto snacks are just as good, if not better, than the most popular sugar-laden snacks.

Dessert or something to nibble on the run - perfect keto snacks for the active

BeKeto products can be eaten either as part of a larger dessert or as a standalone sugar-free fit sweet, and you have room to experiment. Reach for a healthy snack when you're craving something sweet or when you're looking for a simple way to add variety to a ready-made meal. Your ketogenic diet doesn't have to be boring at all - thanks to the wide range of keto snacks on offer, you'll always find something you like.

You can reach for a keto snack at work, on your way to university, on a walk, on a hike or just after a workout when you need a quick energy boost. Keto brownies, chocolates and bars are great snacks for busy people but who care about their health and well-being. You'll find much more than taste in BeKeto keto snacks - our snacks are nutritionally valuable and safe for your health.

Don't have time to prepare a healthy snack for yourself? Need something for a second breakfast, an afternoon snack, a post-workout meal or a source of energy during intense exercise? A low-carbohydrate snack will be just right. Choose cookies, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate or peanut cream and enjoy the taste without compromising your diet.

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