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Why beketo?

When I heard about the keto diet from a heartfelt friend of mine over lunch in 2017 (it definitely wasn’t a keto lunch) I was a bit in disbelief as he talked about how when he’s “on keto” he has more energy, is more focused, and on top of that, performs better athletically – we trained cross-fit together.

I’ve been very into healthy eating and sports since I was a kid, and “bio-hacking” was no stranger to me, so I decided to explore the ketogenic diet. I started reading, exploring and running tests…. On myself, of course.

I quickly discovered that neither in England nor in Poland there were no proper, dedicated products supporting low-carb and keto lifestyle, which I needed so much after all.

I had already been an active entrepreneur in various industries for years (I started my first company at the age of 18), so I figured keto and eCommerce would be another one. I met someone on my way who helped me a lot and that’s how we started BeKeto in London, and then it was time for Poland, Germany and more countries.

Let me just add that after 18 months of preparation, we launched during the coronavirus pandemic raging around the world, which is April 2020.

The rest is history… Today, BeKeto is number one in low-carb and keto supplements and sweets in many countries because of the passion, values and belief in what we do.

We are truly true to our mission and our values. Our goal has been clear from the start – to be the number one keto and low carbohydrate company in the UK and Europe.

We’ve spent thousands of hours creating the highest quality ketogenic and low carbohydrate products. Whether you’re already keto or just beginning your amazing journey, BeKeto™ is your ketogenic friend to guide you by the hand.

Every day we raise the bar and put our motto into action: “arguably the best keto products in the world”. BeKeto™ is created by leaders with passion, knowledge and obsession for customers, whom we call Beketonians. We call ourselves Beketonians too 🙂

Our products help you become the best version of yourself.
Achieve more. Be better. Reach further. Reach Higher.

Jan K. Górczyński (@ketopresident) with #BeKetoTeam

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