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Keto Tortilla
KETO tortilla is here!

✔ Four low-carb, incredibly tasty tortillas
✔ Only 4.6g of carbohydrates in one wrap
✔ Perfect for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
✔ High protein and fiber content


Enjoy the benefits of a delicious diet rich in healthy fats!

Eat well. Eat healthy. Be happy. Be the best version of yourself.

Keto Rhubarb Pancakes
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KETO tortilla is here!

✔ Four low-carb, incredibly tasty tortillas
✔ Only 4.6g of carbohydrates in one wrap
✔ Perfect for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
✔ High protein and fiber content

Probably the best keto brand in the world

BeKeto™ is the first brand in the UK and Europe dedicated entirely to the #ketogenic and #low-carb diet.
Our mission is to get as many people as possible into a state of ketosis, and our products will make you the best version of yourself.

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Latest recipes

Discover our ideas and suggestions for low carbohydrate recipes. Looking for some tried and tested inspiration? Bon Appetit!


Our mission is to educate you about the keto diet and low carb lifestyle. Stay informed and benefit only from expert knowledge.

Be keto?

Read about how BeKeto was founded. A company created out of a passion for healthy living.


What is Keto?

Keto is not only just a diet, it’s a lifestyle. It requires you to drastically reduce your carbohydrate intake, eat moderate amounts of protein, and increase your consumption of healthy fats, such as MCTs.

In every aspect, it increases the quality of your life. From strengthening physical stamina to enhancing your brain function, keto boosts your energy levels and causes you to become the best version of yourself.


over 8500+ excellent reviews

BeKeto is known for exceptional service and top quality products. This can be experienced by #BeKetonians in 20 countries!

BeKeto Values

Organic Ingredients

We use organic ingredients whenever possible in our products.

100% Keto & Low-carb

Our products are born to support keto and low carb diets at every level.

Fueled by good fat

Our ingredients feature only good and healthy fats to support your keto.


The philosophy of short and clean composition has guided us from the very beginning. We guarantee that this will always be the case.

No chemicals, all taste.

We focus exclusively on natural and healthy flavors. We do not use any chemical flavors or enhancers.

One word? Sexy.

Discover the secret of BeKeto. Taste our products, learn about their ingredients and flavors. Become better version of yourself. BE KETO. BE SEXY.


If you want to have a positive impact on your health, you can try different ways. Wondering how to lose weight? Or maybe you want to improve your physical and mental performance? In any case, ketogenic products can help!

What is the ketogenic diet and why is it worth it?

In a traditional diet, the daily intake is about half carbohydrates, 35% fats, and the rest is protein. The premise of the ketogenic diet, on the other hand, is to reprioritize your diet so that your body gets about 80% of its energy from fats! Importantly, it is necessary to use a variety of fats, so not only of animal origin.

The keto foods consumed make the body’s own stores its main source of energy. For this reason, it comes from fat tissue! Interestingly, after a few days of following such a diet, people feel a significant improvement in their mood and fill with energy. At the same time, it should be noted that not all fats will be suitable, so it is worth giving up fast food and highly processed foods in general.

Ketogenic products as a way to feel better

Not every person has the time or inclination to prepare themselves meals rich in high quality fats. We are well aware of this and still want to help you achieve a better well-being and overall lifestyle, so we offer the highest quality ketogenic products!

Our keto store offers the highest quality products that have been formulated with the utmost precision. We ensure that they will make you feel healthier and improve your mood! We offer such ketogenic products as bars, chocolates, as well as supplements in various forms and interesting kits, so you can have everything you need for an effective keto diet!

For the sake of your comfort, we suggest you check out our recipes where we show you how to use our products in a simple way. This way you can not only take care of your health, but also discover interesting flavors that you are sure to enjoy!

We are committed to the highest quality in every case! Our specialists have the necessary knowledge and experience to help the customer in case of dilemmas. At the same time we invite you to read the FAQ (Questions and Answers). There you can find out, among other things, if the keto diet is really healthy and how exactly it works.

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