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Read amazing stories from our community and join the keto movement, change your life, reach your goals and stay healthy. Share your story by tagging us #mybeketotransformation


Thanks to the keto diet, I lost 31 kg in 9 months. I weighed 131 kg, and my current weight is 100 kg. I followed the keto diet from October 2022 for about 9 months. Currently, I am on a low carb diet. I plan to return to the keto diet and lose at least another 25 kg. Besides losing weight, I completely eliminated my high blood pressure and, after gaining so much weight and developing type 2 diabetes, I managed to bring my sugar levels back to normal, which are now under control. I can run up to the third floor of my apartment and, most importantly, I can tie my shoelaces. I used to do this with great difficulty, breathlessly, and when I stood up, I was out of breath!!! I am enjoying life again.


Woman on the left: May 2022: happy, in love but perpetually tired, without energy. Struggling with dancing at her wedding, overindulged with cake, potatoes, and cola. Fortunately, no metabolic diseases (more luck than sense). Woman on the right: August -25 kg, full of energy, satisfied and in white trousers, who would have thought! 🤣 I am -27 kg, another 10 to go. I have never been more certain that I have made the best possible decision (don’t tell my husband 🤣🙈). The keto/low carb diet has changed my life for the better. Your products, which you also buy for me, help. 😊


I could sing “yes, yes, that in the mirror is unfortunately me…”. These photos are separated by 3 years and about 32 kg, but connected by one person – me… I’m 40 years old, have been through many diets, effective but only for a while. The yo-yo effect always caught up with me. My inner glutton always had the upper hand, until I came across the keto diet. For me, keto is not a diet, it’s been my lifestyle for 3 years. I am only human and have highs, but I always humbly return. Keto has given meaning to my life, my health, my figure. Finally, I have the will, I am full of strength and energy to act and I have forgotten about the post-meal crashes. Looking at myself in the mirror, I see huge progress, finally, I see the person I wanted to be.


My name is Sebastian and these are my photos from September 2022 and April 2023. In the first photo and at the end of 2022, I weighed ~120 kg (max 121 kg), and in the second photo, I weigh 93 kg with much more muscle. From the first day of transformation, I completely rejected carbohydrates, very drastically, but without any adventures or problems. For 2 months I was on keto boxes. The kilos dropped by themselves, every day I weighed less and less. I thought it was impossible to live without carbs, but it turned out to be very easy. Health-wise I had very high sugar ~200 now I have 100, I feel 100 times better, have more energy and the only problem is that I had to change my entire wardrobe.


My adventure with Keto began after eight years of fighting with constantly increasing weight. I suffer from Hashimoto’s and when my weight already reached 90 kg, and my health was indicating a pre-diabetic state, and as you can guess, my overall health was very bad, I decided to contact specialists running the keto diet (I regret that I did so late, frightened, as you know, by many myths). I thank the people who led me and explained what this diet is about, what happens in my body, and why the diets I used before did not work, what we can achieve. I lost 35 kg, returned to my weight from 8/10 years ago, currently weigh 52 kg and maintain my weight. I am simply healthier and happier.


From June 2023 to now (November 2023) -20kg and that’s not the end! Why did Małgorzata achieve such quick results in a short time? Keto is fat burning at full throttle, transforming your body into a fat-burning machine, using it as the main source of energy! You feel less hungry thanks to the high fat content and minimal amount of carbohydrates, so you can say goodbye to sudden hunger attacks and enjoy stable energy all day long! But keto is not just for weight loss. It also means better well-being, clearer thinking, and overall health improvement.


My journey began in 2021, when I weighed 112 kg. My results were some of the worst they could be. I felt terrible, always out of breath and subject to gossip behind my back. At the beginning of 2021, I said ENOUGH! It was time to fight for myself, my life, health, and appearance. I chose KETO, a terrifying vision for me: how can one live without bread, rice, grains, pasta, sweets…? Tea or coffee without sugar, is it even possible to function? But as I decided, so I did. And yes, it is possible to live 🙂 At this point, I am down 35kg, and keto has become my lifestyle. I followed up and went to the gym, which over time has become my second home 🙂 I wish you all wonderful moments, my fellow Keto enthusiasts!


The health and skin problems that trailed me were noticeable. Terrible dietary and lifestyle habits, a sedentary lifestyle, “forgotten dreams”. Then a dear friend recommended keto to me. I started KETO with a weight of 125 kg and ordering ketone test strips from BeKeto, and then… it all went by itself. Thanks to a well-conducted adaptation, the eternal hunger disappeared and a healthy approach to eating returned, but most importantly, the dream of becoming a firefighter became real. Sport has permanently entered my daily schedule, I train regularly. Losing weight, regular training, and time… that’s what I needed to fulfill my childhood dream and wear a uniform with the word FIRE. The ketogenic diet saved my life, and now I have the chance to save someone else’s!


I’m a mother and I fulfill myself professionally, sometimes I lacked time for myself. One Sunday, I decided to change my life, considering that I always had a problem with overweight and never had enough motivation to exercise. That day something in me broke, I started with a vibration platform and walks in the park, but that was not enough. I started reading about different diets and suddenly came across the ketogenic diet, finally something I like, namely meat… Then my real adventure began – from 93 kg to 72 kg in half a year. I started the day with coffee, to which I added collagen with MCT oil from BeKeto, I learned to eat healthily, I eat few carbs and almost zero sugar, and my well-being is fantastic, I feel beautiful, I have a lot of energy, nothing hurts.


My Keto adventure began on the recommendation of a friend. I was never overweight, except at the moment of that conversation, I had been going to the gym three times a week for a year. This effort, I must say, was significant and the weight fell very slowly. I then had 5 kilos of excess weight to my dream figure. But what most prompted me to the Keto diet? For many years I suffered from acne on my back and face, I had a female disease that gave me no peace. So then, after that conversation, I decided to try this diet and let it be! And to my surprise, after some time my disease receded, the situation with my period improved, and the acne, which I had suffered from for almost 6 years, also began to disappear!


I have been suffering from type 1 diabetes since I was 9 years old. For many years I could not control the disease, leading to many complications, from deteriorating eyesight to kidney problems. I was also in a diabetic coma, which led to minor brain necrosis. My physical activity was at a tragic level, a short walk was a challenge. When I reached a level of 100 units of insulin per day, my skin was covered in rashes. All this led to depression. I began looking for a solution on my own. My keto journey began after coming across a YouTuber’s video. I started with LCHF, which turned into keto, improving my test results from the average glucose value over three months, cholesterol, or Vitamin D. From a lazy good-for-nothing, I became full of life and will. Keto changed me and my approach to life for the better, and this healthy lifestyle will stay with me! 🙂


I’m 22 years old, and my keto journey started around August 2022. In this year, I’ve managed to lose quite a lot, about 20 kg. I’ve been addicted to sugar for as long as I can remember. I couldn’t stop overeating. Then came guilt and self-loathing. At some point, I realized that I couldn’t live like this anymore. I decided to take care of myself, to be a healthy, energetic person. After a few months, I got the hang of keto and I feel the best I ever have in my life. I fall asleep without any problems, sleep soundly, and finally feel well-rested! I have a lot of energy, which I use for various physical activities. I began choosing activities I once thought were absurd, but now they bring me the most joy. I run, swim, do winter swimming, dance, and love doing it.


For a long time, I struggled with weight loss issues. Daily workouts, caloric restrictions, various diets – all of these only brought temporary effects, and maintaining weight was a challenge. Until I discovered the keto diet. It was like uncovering a treasure hidden beneath layers of illusions and ineffective weight loss methods. Sometimes I struggle with reduced motivation, lack of time to prepare meals, I run a clinic where I help people in pain and I conduct training sessions where I help them achieve their goals. I always put myself second, which reflected in my weight and lack of time for good food. However, I haven’t lost my motivation, I’ve taken charge of myself, and here are the results in the photo 🙂


While on the ketogenic diet, I lost 57 kilos. I work 10 hours a day at my desk and raise my son. I have practically no free time, and my transformation perfectly demonstrates that the ketogenic diet guarantees 100% success. My favourite BeKeto product is definitely the Raspberry Jam!


Privately I’m a mum, on keto for 6 months since 3 months expat. I lost 24 kg but that was not my goal. My main goal was to get healthy and fit again. I thank myself every day that I had the courage to finally switch to keto without much thought, just one day. A week after my two-year breastfeeding phase ended, I did my research and started my adaptation. A large part of my life I didn’t eat meat, for keto I went back to it. The ketogenic diet completely changed my life!


I have been on the ketogenic diet for some 12 months now. Despite objections from friends that the ketogenic diet damages the body and liver, and that I will feel bad in general. At the moment, it feels sensational – the mood is cool, the energy is even greater, and the metamorphosis of my body and appearance is even greater.


My transformation isn’t about losing 30kg in a year, it’s about the long, hard work of changing my lifestyle, my approach to food, to taking care of myself. Fighting an eating disorder is not an easy battle, which is why it takes so long, but the ketogenic diet has helped me in this fight. I have regulated my diurnal rhythm, learned to eat deliciously, choose foods that don’t harm me and supplements that support me in my fight for health. I don’t fall asleep at my desk, I have more energy, better concentration and I keep going – in small steps, observing myself and promoting healthy habits on Instagram so that anyone who has this problem knows that there is no it can’t be done.


Woman before 40, mother of 4 children. I switched to keto after my 4th pregnancy, the reason being excessive weight and constant fatigue. Thanks to this eating style, I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight and most importantly I have regained my energy, my desire for daily activities, my self-esteem has increased and I have finally started sleeping well. I always get up mega rested and ready for another beautiful day. Despite being a full-time mum I also find time for myself. 3-4 times a week I try to do a workout in my home gym, we walk a lot. There is also time for home spa and beauty treatments. Thanks to keto, among other things, my energy has increased a level UP.


Quitting alcohol which became the catalyst for all the changes in my life. Additionally, after some time I decided to go back to exercising in the gym, which at that point was just a memory. That’s when low-carb AND keto came in. Nicer skin, improved sleep. At the gym, the results despite the lack of carbs were very good in terms of strength. I recommend keto as a lifestyle. Thanks to it, at the age of 43, I am in shape I could once only dream of.


The keto diet was recommended to me by my doctor. My wife and I have jumped into this lifestyle since July 2020 and we are not looking back! We have managed to overcome many ailments but the most important thing is that we have swapped the couch potato lifestyle for an active one! Thanks to the keto diet and intermittent fasting together we have lost nearly 80 kilos. For a year now, the ketogenic diet has helped us build muscle mass and improve our figure!


I started keto in April of 2018 after seeing this picture. I was pushing 230 lbs and was not happy with what i saw or how i felt. I read up and learned about keto in hopes to just feel better and not so weighed down. I jumped right in and didn’t look back. In May of 2019, I did a 30 day carnivore challenge and was all over it!


I was always able to lose weight but not able to sustain it. Keto is the ONLY lifestyle where I have been able to lose almost 70 pounds in 1 year and keep it off! I still have about 25 or so pounds to go, and I can’t wait until I reach me goal. I have so much more energy and stamina since switching my diet over.


Low carb has changed our lives, we ENJOY the lifestyle we’ve created for ourselves! I’m now in my 2nd trimester of pregnancy and still loving the low carb life! The problem I had in my first pregnancy are no longer affecting me, no bloating, no swelling, I actually have a lot of energy, I’m not hungry 24/7 and my confidence is through the roof!


Javian Rafus -At the age of 41 I’ve tried every diet from the Mediterranean, Paleo, Atkins, and the Tim Ferris diet, but nothing gave me the weight loss gains like following a ketogenic life style. I lost 55lbs in 4 months and became a certified keto coach in the process. Keto saved my life from addiction and depression and now I devote my time to helping others live a healthier lifestyle.


One day I was trawling through Netflix and I stumbled across a documentary called “the magic pill’ in which the focus was a Ketogenic diet and lifestyle and that changed everything. I found myself seeking out more and more info on YouTube and Instagram and haven’t looked back since.


On the left I was 200lbs and dealing with depression, anxiety, gut distress, arthritis, and a slew of autoimmune conditions. Also as an epileptic I was suffering from daily seizures. Once I found the keto/carnivore lifestyle this quickly fell to wasteside! Now at 120lbs I have a ton of energy, I have been seizure free for 2 plus years and have the physique that I always desired!


I would be off an on constantly and never truly saw results. Until I decided to commit in October 2019. I went as strict as I could until I made the switch to carnivore in January. I’ve never looked back. I use keto snacks every now and then to satisfy any sweet cravings I have along my journey. Stay consistent! 1% everyday really does add up. I’ve fallen in love with this lifestyle and how I feel both physically and mentally.

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