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Keto Jams

Keto jams from BeKeto™ offer full flavour and minimal carbohydrates. They make breakfast or dessert a real feast for the palate, while not disrupting a ketogenic or low-carbohydrate diet. Sweet moments don’t have to be full of sugar.


BeKeto™ products are created by keto and low carbohydrate diet practitioners and experts. You have our guarantee that every product fits perfectly into your low-carbohydrate lifestyle.


We always choose only the best product ingredients. When it comes to quality, we follow the principle of "zero compromise". If BeKeto product is on the market, it means that it passed very strict quality tests.


Our goal is to support our community of Beketonians around the world in achieving goals related to a healthy body and mind. We accompany you in achieving your daily goals. We are here for you. 100%.

  • Out of stock
    42 calories per 100g

    Keto Jam – Very Strawberry 200g

    £ 4,19 GBP

    ✔ Completely sugar-free ✔ Vegan and gluten-free ✔ Only 42 kcal per 100 g ✔ Perfect substitute for classic jam Keto Jam™ Very Strawberry is a high-quality product made from fresh strawberries! It is dedicated to people following a ketogenic…

  • Out of stock
    47 calories per 100g

    Keto Jam – Cherry on Top 200g

    £ 4,19 GBP

    ✔ Completely sugar-free ✔ Vegan and gluten-free ✔ Only 47 kcal per 100 g ✔ Perfect substitute for classic jam Keto Jam™ Perfectly Cherry is a unique cherry-flavored keto jam that will enchant your taste buds. Made with love and…

  • Out of stock
    50 calories per 100g

    Keto Jam – Juicy Peach 200g

    £ 4,19 GBP

    ✔ Completely sugar-free ✔ Vegan and gluten-free ✔ Only 50 kcal per 100 g ✔ Perfect substitute for classic jam Keto Jam™ Juicy Peach is a one-of-a-kind product made from juicy peaches, dedicated to people following a low-carbohydrate and ketogenic…

  • Out of stock
    58 calories per 100g

    Keto Jam – Super Raspberry 200g

    £ 4,19 GBP

    ✔ Completely sugar-free ✔ Vegan and gluten-free ✔ Only 58 kcal per 100 g ✔ Perfect substitute for classic jam Keto Jam™ Super Raspberry is a high-quality product made from fresh raspberries! It’s the perfect way to satisfy your sweet…

Keto jams - full flavour with minimal carbohydrates


High-fat, low-carbohydrate and normo-protein - this is how the ketogenic diet can be characterised in a nutshell. However, it is worth being aware that the classic keto model (4g of fat for 1g of protein and carbohydrates combined) is not the only possible way of eating. There are three more variants that are compatible with the ketogenic diet: the MCT diet, the modified Atkins diet and the low glycaemic index diet, which allows the consumption of carbohydrates with a GI<50. Do you think that following any variant of the ketogenic diet means having to give up your daily rituals and small pleasures? Restrictions don't have to concern you - the keto jams available in this category are a simple way to make your meals taste great while reducing carbohydrates. Check out the suggestions that have much more to offer than the taste you remember from your childhood.

Keto jams - created by practitioners and experts


BeKeto™ jams fit perfectly with the tenets of a low-carbohydrate lifestyle. The products offered in this category are distinguished by their ultra-low carbohydrate content and do not interfere with the principles of ketogenic, low carb and low glycaemic index diets. Created by practitioners and experts, they are the perfect combination of natural fruit flavour, intense aroma and desirable nutritional values. It's the absence of sugar that you won't feel. What else makes the jams in the BeKeto™ range stand out? First and foremost, the excellent quality composition. It's a blend of premium ingredients, without any compromises. All the products on offer have passed very rigorous quality tests and are here for you.

Jams without unnecessary additives. Natural flavour and aroma


BeKeto™ jams are a very apt combination of traditional taste and texture with the strict requirements of the ketogenic diet, one of the more popular dietary trends. The products are distinguished by their distinctive intensely fruity taste and fresh aroma, giving popular desserts and simple dishes a full flavour. Whenever possible, we reach for organic ingredients of proven origin. As a leader in the production and sale of keto food, we focus on healthy combinations and avoid chemical flavourings and enhancers. From the very beginning, we are guided by the philosophy of clean and short ingredients.

Homemade jam flavours - keto jams in many variations


BeKeto™ jams are characterised by their excellent taste. Inspired by the preserves you remember from your childhood, they satisfy the craving for sweet after just two spoonfuls. They are also the perfect substitute for sweet fruit. Especially since keto jams in many variations await you in this category. You will find homemade flavour in strawberry, peach, raspberry and cherry jam, among others. We have sealed only fresh and ripe fruit in each jar (without exception!). Unscrew the lid and let yourself be seduced by the sweet aromas.

Sweet jams in familiar and well-loved flavours are an easy way to turn a homemade meal into a quality keto meal. Fruit substitutes for traditional preserves are more valuable than the original weki: they taste just as good and are healthier. The negligible carbohydrate content means that the products can be part of ketogenic, low-carbohydrate and low-GI diets. Do not exceed ⅓ of a jar per day - just so you do not precipitate a state of ketosis.

Intensively fruity keto jams - a simple way to make delicious meals


Intensely fruity and insanely fragrant - BeKeto™ jams, the simple way to delicious meals. With keto preserves, you'll say goodbye to boredom in the kitchen and discover another positive side of the keto diet. The products we offer are the best addition to pancakes, pasta or keto bread. They go brilliantly with bread that is still warm (bake it using the keto mix), and because of their texture, they can be combined with cottage cheese or muesli. They're a great addition to low-carbohydrate desserts and the best proof that a ketogenic diet doesn't have to exclude small pleasures.

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