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Keto Bread – Baking Mix 300g

£ 6,49 GBP

£ 6,49 GBP

Shipping Within 24 hours!

Keto Bread – Baking Mix 300g

£ 6,49 GBP

✔ Incredibly delicious, gluten-free and protein-rich
✔ As much as 23g of healthy fats per 100 grams of product
✔ BeKeto Super Bake Guarantee!
✔ Only 1.25g of carbohydrates per slice
✔ Nutritious and filling

Keto Bread – Baking Mix is perfect for anyone for whom breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The smell of fresh keto bread in the morning is the best aroma you can imagine. The delicious gluten-free Keto Bread made by you will taste insane when paired with Keto Jams and Creams. Fun – make it yourself! Or with your family! Bake something TOGETHER! As well as tasting amazing, it is also rich in protein which will guarantee a feeling of satiety.

Shipping Within 24 hours!

Bake the perfect Keto Bread in 8 easy steps:

- Baking mix
- 300 ml hot water
- 1 tablespoon vinegar or lemon juice
- 70g coconut oil or olive oil
- 4 eggs


1. Preheat the oven to 375°F (190°C) and line a baking tray with parchment paper.
2. Mix coconut oil or olive oil with hot water until smooth.
3. Add the BeKeto breadmaking mix, then mix with a spoon or mixer on low speed.
4. Crack 4 eggs into the batter and mix until smooth.
5. Set the batter aside for 10 minutes, wait for it to thicken. Then add vinegar or lemon juice and mix thoroughly.
6. Form a loaf 5 cm high and make 3 fine slits at the top.
7. Transfer the finished bread to a baking tray. Bake for 50-55 minutes, using the fan function for even baking.
8. Finally, stick a toothpick in to check if the loaf is already dry inside. Once the bread has cooled down, enjoy.

Storage method: You can store the finished Keto Bread for up to 2 days at room temperature or up to 4 days in the fridge. Keto Bread is also suitable for freezing.

Only 1.25g of carbohydrates per slice. Ideal on the Keto and Low-Carb Diet

Delicious Self-Made Bread - a taste of traditional bread

Fun - do it yourself! Or with the family! Bake something together! BeKeto Super Bake Guarantee!

As much as 23g of healthy fats per 100 grams of product

It blends perfectly with Keto Creams and Jams

Clean Label, or clean label = no surprises. As always at BeKeto

Organic & raw ingredients

We believe that health is the most important thing we have. All our ingredients are of proven origin. We use organic and 'raw' ingredients whenever possible. We care about you and what you put in your body, because we believe that we are what we eat.
BeKeto is one of a dozen or so companies in the world(!) that use raw powdered cocoa beans in their products. They are the healthiest, least processed, and on top of that they contain healthy cocoa fat! Quality, not quantity. Always.

Clean Label

We're sure you've heard it before, but the fewer ingredients a product has, the better it is. We are constantly reviewing our manufacturing process and looking at what we can do to further reduce the number of ingredients, while still maintaining the highest health and taste benefits of the products. This is exactly what happened with our MCT oil powders! They currently contain only MCT oil and acacia fibre. They are gluten-free and vegan. It couldn't be simpler. We are changing for you.

Plant based

Today, around 90% of our products are plant-based, and on top of that, can be used by vegans. We limit meat-based ingredients to meet the needs of low-carbohydrate Bequetonians who are vegan or vegetarian by the way. However, for Keto Collagen and Keto Protein Isolate, we decided that switching to plant-based ingredients would harm the quality of these products, so we stayed with beef collagen (grass-fed) and whey protein isolate (dairy-based).

Supply chain control

We are fully aware of the origin of our products as we are direct importers of the raw materials we use. Our goal is to control the entire supply chain and production processes. We do this to increase the quality of BeKeto products. Additionally, we require guarantees that they are sourced in sustainable, fair conditions, usually from local suppliers.

Zero compromise policy

Even if this means higher production costs or sourcing more expensive raw materials, we always carefully select the highest quality ingredients for our products. Our ultimate goal is your complete satisfaction, because we have a healthy obsession with the customer.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Magdalena Marczak (Krakow, PL)

Keto Chleb - Mieszanka do Wypieków 300g

Magdaleno, dziękujemy, że zaprosiłaś nas do swojej kuchni! :) / Oliwia #TeamBeKeto

V.M. (Warsaw, PL)

użyłam na spód do pizzy - pychota!

Violetto, dziękujemy za Twoją opinię! Świetny pomysł na wykorzystanie mieszanki. <3 / Oliwia #TeamBeKeto

Marcin Puchniarz (Warsaw, PL)

Keto Chleb - Mieszanka do Wypieków 300g

Marcinie, dziękujemy za zaufanie i wspólny wypiek! :D / Oliwia #TeamBeKeto

Karolina Wolny (Krakow, PL)

Chleb super! Pachnie obłędnie, smakuje również rewelacyjnie i robi się mega szybko! Czegóż więcej chcieć? :)

Karolino, jesteśmy przeszczęśliwi, że jako jedna z pierwszych BeKetończyków, upiekłaś BeKeto Chleb! :D Dziękujemy, że mogliśmy gościć w Twojej kuchni i mamy nadzieję, że będziemy zaglądać tam częściej! / Oliwia #TeamBeKeto

Hanna Milobedzka (Gdansk, PL)
Chleb z miesznki beketo

Smaczny, ma ladny kolor dobrze upieczonego chleba. Bardzo prosty w wykonaniu. Wychodzi spory bochenek. Pyszny ze smalcem z cebulka, ale tez mozna z dzemem. Na pewno kupie kolejny.

Hanno, dziękujemy, że jako jedna z pierwszych upiekłaś chleb z naszej keto mieszanki! Mamy nadzieję, że będziemy częściej gościć w Twojej kuchni! / Oliwia #TeamBeKeto

BeKeto Values

Organic Ingredients

We use organic ingredients whenever possible in our products.

100% Keto & Low-carb

Our products are born to support keto and low carb diets at every level.

Fueled by good fat

Our ingredients feature only good and healthy fats to support your keto.


The philosophy of short and clean composition has guided us from the very beginning. We guarantee that this will always be the case.

No chemicals, all taste.

We focus exclusively on natural and healthy flavors. We do not use any chemical flavors or enhancers.

One word? Sexy.

Discover the secret of BeKeto. Taste our products, learn about their ingredients and flavors. Become better version of yourself. BE KETO. BE SEXY.

Keto bread making mix

Meet another discovery from the BeKeto Kitchen category that will allow you to enjoy the taste of delicious, healthy, fresh and natural bread. Keto Bread - Baking Mix is a product that will allow you to enjoy delicious, warm keto bread every day.

Gluten-free Keto Bread

There are only 1.25g of carbohydrates per slice, so you can enjoy the taste of fresh keto bread without thinking about restrictions! It's ideal for those on a ketogenic diet, but also low-carbohydrate and gluten-free diets.

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