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Sweets on the keto diet – are they allowed?

You can enjoy sweets on the ketogenic diet! The right keto snacks are healthy and support weight loss. Find out what sweets you can eat to keep your diet intact and achieve your goals.

Can you eat sugar on keto?

Whether you’re on a gluten-free, dairy-free or ketogenic diet, you need to follow specific rules to achieve your goals. One of the most restrictive diets is the keto diet, otherwise known as the low carb diet or high fat diet. It is characterised by a significant reduction in carbohydrate and protein intake and an increase in fat intake. This leads to a transition into a state of ketosis, which contributes to weight loss over time. Therefore, during this type of diet, the consumption of products that contain carbohydrates is prohibited. These include all kinds of typical bars, chocolates, cakes, as well as cakes and pastries that have white sugar in them.

Cravings for sweets on keto – what to do?

Although, on the one hand, our body, once it has adapted to the ketogenic diet, does not need carbohydrates to function, sometimes force of habit wins out and we have an appetite for cake or chocolate. If you suddenly crave a sweet snack while on the keto diet, you have nothing to fear. Just avoid white sugar and try the keto version of sweets instead. There are of course various products on the market that contain more or less healthy sweeteners, such as those sweetened with stevia, but we opt for erythritol. It works well in various desserts, e.g. a tasty dessert will always be created with ingredients such as coconut flour, almond flour, coconut oil, erythritol or mascarpone cheese. Such a dessert will follow the principles of a low-carbohydrate ketogenic diet, as it contains healthy fats. Add a handful of nuts or coconut to it and you have a simply nutritious meal that will satisfy your hunger for longer.

What sweets can you eat on keto?

Although you have to follow certain requirements on the ketogenic diet, this does not mean that you have to deny yourself small pleasures. You just have to make sure that they do not break the diet rules and that they do not bring you out of a state of ketosis – a state in which you replace glucose with fats and obtain the energy you need to function from them. Do you want to keep to a ketogenic diet, but on occasion dream of sweets? You have a family celebration coming up, you want to invite guests and serve delicious but gluten-free snacks? Opt for keto sweets. What are their characteristics? First of all, they have no added sugar and other sweeteners in the form of sweeteners or syrups that are harmful, especially on a diet.

Keto sweets – The ready-made solution

The ideal proposal for keto sweets, low in carbohydrates but great in taste, has been prepared by the English brand BeKeto. All BeKeto products are a guarantee of quality, taste and, most importantly, meet the principles of the low-carb and keto diet. Among the wide range of snacks and sweets at the disposal of ketogenic eaters we offer: keto chocolates, keto creams (nut, almond and even macadamia nut), keto bars, or keto biscuits (yes, the legendary BeKeto Cookies).

Which desserts on the keto diet?

Use our quick recipes for ketogenic desserts. You’ll be able to prepare delicious, healthy muffins, keto cookies or ice cream in a matter of minutes that will not only delight everyone, but most importantly won’t inhibit your ketogenic diet. On our site you’ll also find suggestions for a keto cake or keto tart, which can be the perfect complement to a healthy, celebratory family dinner. Top them with keto fruit such as strawberries, blueberries, raspberries or blueberries, or fill them with peanut butter and chocolate chunks. This will not only give you an interesting taste associated with summer, but also the vitamins you need in your diet.

Which keto sweets are best to choose?

The ketogenic diet, like any other diet, is meant to support weight loss. Meals must be balanced and contain the right ingredients to facilitate weight loss. Definitely opt for sweets that are low in carbohydrates. Also avoid dairy, as too much of it is not conducive to dietary progress. Replace ordinary cow’s milk with lactose-free milk, and use stevia or erythrol instead of sugar. This will keep your blood sugar levels in check, which has a positive effect on your health and fitness.

BeKeto sweets ideal for the keto diet

The Keto bars, keto chocolate or shake we offer are the perfect keto sweets to satisfy your sugar cravings without breaking the rules of the ketogenic diet. They are also a rich source of fibre and healthy fats, which are essential for this form of weight loss. In addition, they contain no milk or sugar. All these features make them the perfect keto dessert. They’re great as a snack for lunch or afternoon tea, and can also be the perfect finishing touch for lunch or dinner.

The keto diet – what else can I eat?

If you are looking for inspiration and want to enrich your menu on the keto diet, it is worth noting the variety of products allowed under this dietary regime. The keto diet isn’t just limited to fatty meats or oils – it’s a whole palette of tasty and filling foods that can become the basis for your culinary experiments. When considering additional ingredients and dishes to add variety to your daily menu, it is worth remembering the importance of well-balanced meals. These not only ensure that you enjoy the taste, but also provide your body with essential nutrients, supporting your health and wellbeing. For those who want to explore the topic in more depth and expand their knowledge, we have prepared a detailed list of keto foods you can eat on keto.

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