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Fat Expert Powder  300g
Fat Expert Powder 300g

£ 27,90 GBP

£ 27,90 GBP

Fat Expert Powder 300g

Unique Fat Blend

£ 27,90 GBP

Fat Expert is an innovative powder product which combines various sources of saturated fatty acids. It is dedicated both to people on a ketogenic diet and all those who want to nourish the body with healthy fats. It contains C8 medium-chain fatty acid (caprylic acid), organic butter from grass-fed cows, coconut oil and clarified butter, among others. It is the most advanced product on the market and provides the healthiest blend of fats. Importantly, it can be used with other BeKeto™ products such as Keto Collagen, Keto Protein Isolate and MCT oils.

It contains, among others, medium-chain fatty acid C8 (MCT C8 - caprylic acid), organic butter, coconut oil and ghee (clarified butter). Thanks to the unique combination of ingredients, Fat Expert has an anti-inflammatory effect on the digestive system, supports bowel function and generates a rapid increase in energy and ketone bodies, which translates into a sensational mood and a visible improvement in sports performance. Additionally, it increases the absorption of nutrients and curbs the appetite, and thanks to its powdered formula, it does not irritate the intestines or the stomach. You can add this product to bulletproof coffee, plant milk or your favourite low-carbohydrate drink - it's perfect in shakes and smoothies.

Nourishes the body with a blend of the healthiest fats. It tastes great with coffee, tea, shakes and smoothies.

Acts as an anti-inflammatory for the digestive system

Supports the body in improving overall well-being. Gives instant energy

A unique combination of the healthiest fats: MCT C8 oil, clarified butter, coconut oil, grass-fed butter

Significantly improves nutrient absorption and suppresses appetite

Increases mental clarity and aids concentration.

Organic & raw ingredients

We believe that health is the most important thing we have. All our ingredients are of proven origin. We use organic and 'raw' ingredients whenever possible. We care about you and what you put in your body, because we believe that we are what we eat.
BeKeto is one of a dozen or so companies in the world(!) that use raw powdered cocoa beans in their products. They are the healthiest, least processed, and on top of that they contain healthy cocoa fat! Quality, not quantity. Always.

Clean Label

We're sure you've heard it before, but the fewer ingredients a product has, the better it is. We are constantly reviewing our manufacturing process and looking at what we can do to further reduce the number of ingredients, while still maintaining the highest health and taste benefits of the products. This is exactly what happened with our MCT oil powders! They currently contain only MCT oil and acacia fibre. They are gluten-free and vegan. It couldn't be simpler. We are changing for you.

Plant based

Today, around 90% of our products are plant-based, and on top of that, can be used by vegans. We limit meat-based ingredients to meet the needs of low-carbohydrate Bequetonians who are vegan or vegetarian by the way. However, for Keto Collagen and Keto Protein Isolate, we decided that switching to plant-based ingredients would harm the quality of these products, so we stayed with beef collagen (grass-fed) and whey protein isolate (dairy-based).

Supply chain control

We are fully aware of the origin of our products as we are direct importers of the raw materials we use. Our goal is to control the entire supply chain and production processes. We do this to increase the quality of BeKeto products. Additionally, we require guarantees that they are sourced in sustainable, fair conditions, usually from local suppliers.

Zero compromise policy

Even if this means higher production costs or sourcing more expensive raw materials, we always carefully select the highest quality ingredients for our products. Our ultimate goal is your complete satisfaction, because we have a healthy obsession with the customer.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Agata Otreba (Osnabrück, DE)

Fat Expert Pulver 300G


Wir danken Ihnen für Ihr Vertrauen!

Olivia #TeamBeKeto

Jolanta Borowiec (Rzeszów, PL)

Super jakość produktu ,dobrze smakuje z kawą,rewelacyjne działanie

Dziękujemy! BE KETO BE COOL!

Oliwia #TeamBeKeto

Emanuela Iwicka (Wroclaw, PL)

Wysyłka expresowa, jakość produktów najlepsza :)

Dziękujemy, że wybierasz BeKeto #nr1 Brand na świecie!

Oliwia #TeamBeKeto

Żaneta Werno (Wroclaw, PL)

Fat Expert Powder 300g

Dziękujemy! BE KETO BE COOL!

Oliwia #TeamBeKeto

Iwona Sidor (Lublin, PL)

Wszystkie produkty od BeKeto są rewelacyjne, ale Fat Expert skradł moje serce.
Jak ktoś lubi kawę z mlekiem to nadaje się świetnie. Nadaje taki posmak a "sumienie" czyste ;) i oczywiście zdrowsze niż z mlekiem.

BeKetończyku! Dziękujemy za Twoją opinię.

Oliwia #TeamBeKeto

BeKeto Values

Organic Ingredients

We use organic ingredients whenever possible in our products.

100% Keto & Low-carb

Our products are born to support keto and low carb diets at every level.

Fueled by good fat

Our ingredients feature only good and healthy fats to support your keto.


The philosophy of short and clean composition has guided us from the very beginning. We guarantee that this will always be the case.

No chemicals, all taste.

We focus exclusively on natural and healthy flavors. We do not use any chemical flavors or enhancers.

One word? Sexy.

Discover the secret of BeKeto. Taste our products, learn about their ingredients and flavors. Become better version of yourself. BE KETO. BE SEXY.

The only such product in the world

Fat Expert is a highly innovative product. It is ideal for people on low-carbohydrate diets. In keto diet it is an irreplaceable source of fat. It can be used together with other BeKeto™ products.

Discover the Power of Healthy Fat

Unique customers demand unique solutions. BeKeto™ is an innovative manufacturer of supplements and foods dedicated to low-carbohydrate and ketogenic diets. We create the most advanced products to support our wonderful community of BeKetoians around the world. Discover Fat Expert and its unique capabilities.

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