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The ketogenic diet is used not only for specific health problems or because you want to feel better, but also because of its effectiveness in weight loss. Many overweight people decide to give up sugar and fight for their dream figure. Weight loss on the ketogenic diet involves two things: putting the body into a state of ketosis and a caloric deficit. If you stick to the guidelines, you can lose weight from 0.5-1kg per week, which is as much as is healthy for the human body.

Ketogenic diet and weight loss

The goal of the ketogenic diet is to put the body into a state of ketosis and maintain it. This allows the body to draw energy from stored fats rather than the standard sugars (glucose). To achieve this state, it is necessary to reduce the intake of carbohydrates, which should make up 5-10% of daily caloric needs. The ketogenic diet is restrictive – you can only eat designated foods on it. It is also varied, because the allowed products can be composed in hundreds of ways (many tasty proposals can be found in the recipes tab: Keto enables effective and above all healthy weight loss. In the case of people struggling with large excess weight it has a positive effect on problems with diabetes, blood pressure or too high cholesterol levels. It is designed both for obese people and those who want to take care of their health, minimizing the risk of chronic diseases. Thanks to the ketogenic diet thousands of people around the world have lost weight, and thanks to the way it affected their bodies, they continue to use it even after the reduction phase.

Why lose weight with a ketogenic diet?

Primarily because of health issues and effectiveness. Many people who decide to lose weight go on drastic diets that are usually accompanied by hunger, dissatisfaction and frustration. When you are constantly hungry, it is easy to start snacking, which in turn leads to a lack of results by oversupplying calories. Ketogenic diet consists mainly of fats, which, although they have more calories per 1g of product, are much more filling and eliminate the feeling of hunger. Thanks to this there is no need to snack and there should be no problems with sticking to the designated menu. All you need to do is calculate your calorie needs and subtract about 10-15% of calories from it. The resulting number determines the number of calories you should consume during the weight loss process. If you stick to the ketogenic diet, the first results will come quickly, and a visible weight loss can be expected after a few weeks.

Important: there are plenty of diet calculators online that are helpful in determining PPM (basal metabolism) and CPM (total metabolism). Be sure to check CPM, which is the number of calories that a person with given parameters should consume per day. It is adjusted according to your weight, height and type of physical activity and work. It is from this number that calories should be subtracted to go for weight reduction.  In the case of people with obesity or health problems, it is recommended to contact a nutritionist, acting on your own without proper preparation and knowledge may prove ineffective and bring negative results.

Results on keto

Due to individual predisposition to losing weight and metabolic changes, it is difficult to indicate a specific number of lost kilograms. On average it is between 0.5-1kg/week. Weight loss on keto happens slowly, healthily and steadily. Thus, the endocrine and nervous systems do not experience a shock and the body begins to cleanse itself. The process should not be rushed. Usually it took many months or years to get to overweight, do not expect your body to change in a month. The ketogenic diet is growing in popularity precisely because of its effectiveness. When putting yourself into a state of ketosis, you can expect some mild side effects. You should watch yourself, because some are due to a change in diet (especially if your body has been poorly nourished over the years), and others are the result of not following the diet correctly. Slight sluggishness or fatigue are normal and are the result of a sudden withdrawal from sugar, most likely consumed to excess. After a few days everything should return to normal. Due to the amount of fats consumed, there is no feeling of hunger. And due to the lack of processed foods and too many carbohydrates in the diet, the sugar level is at a constant level. As a result, there are no hunger pangs or need for snacking.

The ketogenic diet has quite an impact on weight loss, provided it is followed correctly. If you are unsure about the proper calorie calculations or the amount of macro intake, it is best to consult a nutritionist. Before choosing one, it is a good idea to make sure it is someone who has experience in putting together menus for a person on a ketogenic diet.


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